Wood art-T one woods round DIY crafts.

wood art
Wood art-T one woods round DIY crafts.

Hello guys!! Have you ever tried wood art before? Do you know what type of colour can you use on wood? Well if you don’t, then don’t worry. You should read further to know.

So, today we are going to learn how to do wood art. But before going ahead you should have basic knowledge about wood art. It is an art in which we Paint on a piece of wood by the acrylic colours. Well, you tried your hand on merging colours, drawing with pencil, doodling with pen and so on. But this art is a little bit different.

Wood art-T one woods round DIY crafts.

You might have heard that how people are able to draw and that and that too on a piece of wood. It’s not much surprising. After reading, you all will also be able to paint on wood.

And if you want to clear your basic than you can also check out this:https://exploringarts.com/basic-drawing-techniques-for-beginners-part-1/

So, guys are you all ready to start your eye on pencil, acrylic colour and piece of wood on which you want to paint. So let’s get started.

How to start wood art?

so to start wood painting, you should first be very specific that what you want to draw. As wood panels especially Teakwood panels because in water they break down.

Wood art-T one woods round DIY crafts.

Materail required:

Wood art-T one woods round DIY crafts.
  • your wood panel
  • String to hold your pannel
  • Required Acrylic paint( for example- if you are making sky then you should all shades of blue colour).
  • Paintbrush of different sizes.
  • Colour palette
  • white paint
  • And a black marker (thin and bold both)

How to do wood art?

Wooden Shape/Sign Painting

You can choose from the large selection of wooden shapes. It will help get you commenced on building your very own work of art. You can copy any of the wood painted samples of any artist from whom you get inspiration…or get creative and make your own design. You can also sell your wood painting at Prices vary starting at $20 or in rupees 1400.  Includes all supplies.

Step 1: Choose Your Piece

Wood art-T one woods round DIY crafts.

As we know that we have numerous shapes and we also cut them in different sizes. So, choose any shape or size to start your painting! We can use geometric shapes/signs & recreation cut-out like harmony signs, pineapples, mermaids and many more.

Step 2: Select your Colors &Set-Upp

Wood art-T one woods round DIY crafts.

Well we all are artists and this time is for wood painting so competent artists choose your colours and set up. Choose the colours which are required. For example- if you are painting the sky then the necessary colours which are required will be white, dark blue and light blue, cotton or paintbrush and so on. For starting choose the colours in your mind to be very careful and specific. It will help you to create the image you have in mind. Stable your set you up with an apron, brushes, paper towels, etc. so you can create.

Step 3: Start Painting

Wood art-T one woods round DIY crafts.

Now it’s the time to get started! Many artists recommend that we should start with the background and large areas, and then moving on to features later on.  Artist also suggests changing your water and washing your brushes every so often, your supplies will become more nice and clean, especially while using light and bright colours.

Step 4: Time to complete your wood art!

Now it’s the time to give your wood art a final touch and show off your wooden masterwork! Acrylic paint dries very fast, and because of this quality of paint you will be able to take your art home right now(after making) and display it on your walls. Just branch any thick paint, and the paint is so quick, it’ll be ready by the time you wash your hands.

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