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Hello, budding artists. Today I am here with a very new topic for which many of the artists are waiting. Well, you all might have listened about it but never taken a step to make your own. You might go on searching and get the answer. But from anybody else website. And the loss will be yours.

You might have listened this line” Some very good and talented artists didn’t get the platform to build their art network’. But in actual it is the most silliest excuse you are giving to yourself. Everyone has platform but they ignore it. Well one question from you all- do you know what is the importance of creating a website?

Some people now say that yes we know what is the website. Some will say it’s a waste of time. But then how even budding artists are able to say that “we are not able to grow”. There is no respect for artists, and artists cannot change their passion into a profession? Actually, people have the platform but they ignore it!

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Well, I think that it’s very important to know what is the meaning of a website? Is it necessary for an artist to have a website?

So guys if you are also not much aware of the term WEBSITE which I use above then there is something for you.

What is the meaning of a Website?

Website means a set of web pages that contains text, media, audios, embedded videos, etc. And all the websites which are publically accessible collectively constitute the world wide web(WWW).


There are many platforms by which you can learn, grow, and also earn. But maybe you all are thinking that why I m trying to make you know about the website? Actually guys the biggest reason behind this is GOOGLE. But before going further do you know what is the power of GOOGLE?

Do you know many big businessmen, bloggers, actors, etc like Elon mask, jeff Bezos, Karina Kapoor, kyle Jenner, etc. have fear from google? Now I think that you all know what Google can do. What is the power of Google?


Now think that if you are able to make your name famous on google then what power you will be having. Google provides a global reach and also can make your local startup into a very professionalized one. And of course, you can make your writing skills much perfect.

Why is it necessary for an artist?

Every artist should have a website. It is necessary because by having a website you can have more access to global resources. Also can make your writing and reading skills.

1. Website maks you CEO of your local startup and professfional.

If you have a website then in actual it’s not just a social media platform, it’s your own startup. And you are the CEO of your local startup. by different themes you should make your website look more professional. Your potential clients will think you’re a professional who has enough clients and enough income to have a site built for you.


If you’re a web developer, by all means, build your own website. Because it eflects your professlionsm, knowledge, startup, and the capabilites of creavtiveness.


If you want to see your worth in the market then after building up your website go to a solid company and ask them to hire you. Companies hire only those people which have the knowledge to take their work online. Not just in building a website, but in getting it seen and in building it wisely to maximize the traffic on the site.

2. Your website can mean extra local business/collaboration.

Your website can bring extra traffic to your social media main accounts. For example: On Instagram, we got collaboration by seeing our profile likewise on the website we can get paid collaboration from local businesses. If you have an extra source to make your account more professional. The amount of collaboration that you will be having will increase.


If primarily you are having a good website, can mean extra business. Even if we talk about offline/traditional business, local clients perform searches online and find your website, encouraging them to walk into your store. If they find your competitors more reputable and solid then you can also get good deals . But opposite can happen if you didn’t have your own website.

3. Your website can provide you global business.

Did you ever think about getting orders from Australia, Singapore, or Malaysia by living in your hometown? Having a website can provide you global reach. the next question in your mind would be: HOW? Right, so guys your website would be on google and your posts will be shown in almost all the countries. it will provide you a global business. as it’s your first step towards your online startup/through your passion


4. Helpful in making you a market-ready artist.

market-ready artist

what is this- “market-ready artist”? This is the first question in your mind. Right! So here is an example of it. If a journalist is looking for a skilled and professional person in your field to quote for an article, s/he is more likely to choose the business owner whose site looks professional and clean. Rather than someone who looks like they don’t know what they’re doing! And we all know that a mention in the media can give a powerful push to your business

A small message from Exploring Arts:

Take care and invest wisely in your business website by hiring someone who knows what they’re doing.


So guys if you want to create your own website then go on the link and check all the details:

Or you can also contact me on my Instagram account, if any problem faced!




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