Mandala art -Do you know what’s in trend?

mandala art

Hello guys!! Do you know what’s in trend? Do mandalas really have meaning? Are you all familiarized with tge word mandala art? If you don’t then don’t worry. You should read this to know all about mandalas.

So guys in this I am going to tell you what is mandala art and how to make it. And also what is in trend in art. Before going further you should have a basic knowledge of mandala.

what is mandala art?

"Mandala" word basically derived from a sanskrit word i.e. "DISCOID OBJECT /MAGICAL CIRCLE". It represents both organic and geometric configuration of signs and symbols.

 It is a complex form of art which is based on circles. It has identifiable center point. It is also a form of art which is used for meditating and inspirational purposes. 

How to draw mandalas?

People usually think that mandalas are quiet difficult to draw. But that’s not true. Mandalas are time taking but not difficult at all. There is always a identifiable point by which mistakes can be easily identified and also can be corrected on the spot.

Mandala art -Do you know what's in trend?

To do mandala art, you should have a paper, pencil and also a ruler. in drawing mandalas no such heavy materials are required.

If you want to make your mandalas COLORFUL AND ATTRACTIVE then you can use color pencil, crayon, steddlers and water color.

Let’s get started!

1. Sheet Measurement.

The first and foremost step in how to draw a mandala is to measure out your paper. you should have a square sheet to do this art. The square can be as big or as small as you like, no preferred size. The bigger the square, the more space you will be having for putting a lots of detail and color. In this I am using 8″*8″.

Now use your ruler and pencil to bring a dot in the very center of the sheet, as shown below: 

Beginning a Mandala

2. Draw a series of circles around this dot to draw mandala art.


The second step is to draw a series of circles around the dot drawn on the sheet above. For drawing all other different sizes circle kindly use compass. Don’t use your personal experience in doing the same. But in case, you don’t have a compass, don’t worry. you follow these steps to draw circles easily:

  • By using your ruler, measure out 1/2″ (or more or less – depending on your preference) from the dot in the center. Make a mark 1/2″ at all 4 sides of the center dot, as shown in figure below.
Mandala art -Do you know what's in trend?

Estimate another area from the dot. In this I chose 1.5″ from the center dot. By Using the same process as before, make a mark at the same distance on all of the 4 sides of the center dot. If you want to make more then apply the same steps as before.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on distance from the center dot. so that the circle you are making is perfect.

Mandala art -Do you know what's in trend?

Now that you’ve drawn the dots, it’s time to connect all. Estimate a straight vertical line joining the dots that go up and down, and a straight horizontal line joining the dots that go one either side. you can see in the image of mandala art below.

Mandala art -Do you know what's in trend?

Now its the time to draw a straight line with the ruler and with light hand draw full circle with the help of the lines you draw earlier. Start drawing curves from one line or point to another. Soon you will see that a full fledged circle is in front of your eyes.

Cirvlcle with dot method

Don’t worry if the circle you made is not perfect as like drawn with compass. in mandala art there is no need to be a perfectionist. The thing you have to do is make all the markings and lines with soft and light hands. So that it would be easy to erase the mistakes you are making.

Tip: If you don't want to waste your time in sketching out your own circular grid then you can download your own from polar graph paper. This is great for sketching  out this type of art, but if you are using this graph paper to design a finished artwork then remember that you'll still have those little blue marks underneath your mandala. When you will draw your own circular grid, you can erase all the marks!
Mandala art

3. start your mandala art designs.

Now that you’ve drawn the basic outline for your mandala, you can begin drawing your mandala art designs! You can use normal pencil, colored pencils, ink, crayons, or whatever you whatever you want to choose. I chose two different color pencil to fill color in my design.

you can start from any point, most preferred one is center. But if you want to try any other point then you can choose any point.

Different shapes

4. Draw shapes.

Using the lines and circles you drew earlier as guidelines, you can draw shapes like circles, triangles, raindrops,petals, loops, etc. The important thing is to repeat your design at every side.

This creates repetition, which is a key feature in doing mandala art.

Mandala art -Do you know what's in trend?

If you keep drawing more and more designs, your mandala will start to look more and more complex. The key to make mandala is to take it slowly, drawing one shape at a time and printing it around the whole circle at a right place. After then you build on that shape by drawing different and attractive shapes around the circle in the same manner.

Mandala art -Do you know what's in trend?

This is mandala outline and how it looks like without colors. If you want to leave your mandala just like this you can, but if you choose to color it in. Then you can use any art coloring material like I have decided to color my mandala with watercolors… 

Primitive art

now it’s your time to try mandala art at home. I used watercolors to color my design because it will make it more soft, introspective and uplifting.

Now you know how to draw a mandala!

Ready made mandala pages.

Coloring mandalas can help focus your mind while calming your soul. If you want some ready-made blank mandalas to color, you can check out many other e commerce sites like amazon etc.    

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