Clay Painting: Do you know how to mold clay?

clay painting

Hello guys!! Are you also searching for how to do clay painting? Do you also want to know what colors are to be used while doing dry clay art? still confused and thinking about how to do it.

Don’t take tension after reading further you will be able to make your clay paintings and will also be proud of the outcome. so guys are you ready to know all about clay art/ painting?

What is clay art?

clay painting

Clay paint is basically a type of art in which clay-like polymer clay etc. is used as a way to make an artwork. Clay painting may take various forms including artistic pottery, tableware, tiles, figurines, and other sculpture.

The clay-painting process can also be used as a background, photographically mixed with other forms of animation, also even with live-action.

Clay painting animation.

It is an animation where clay is put on and smoothed on a flat supporting surface. And moved like “wet” oil paints as on a popular artistic canvas to make any style of photo. But by giving it a clay look.

clay animation-stop motion
clay animation-octopus

And then it is filmed frame-by-frame by an animation camera (shooting from above, with an ancestral shooting camera). Every small change is noticed in this animation. So, it is shot after each small adjustment of the clay images.

It blurs the difference between clay animation, CEL animation, and cutout animation. 

Standard Clay v/s Polymer Clay

Before going further we should have the basic knowledge about clay painting. Actually people mix two terms together is Standard modeling clay and polymer clay. But there is a lot different in both.

clay painting

Standard modeling clay can not be restored in the oven. It remains workable. And generally does not dry out at room temperature. Polymer clay can be carved, etc. That is the same as the modeling clay but in terms of storage, they are different. In polymer clay modeling, you have the option to restore the object in the oven which blends the polymer molecules and gives the shape to objects permanently.

Which type of paint can be used in clay painting?

Many clay artists prefer to not color the artwork. But I prefer acrylic paints to make the artwork look more attractive. In many cases “heavy body” acrylic paints are used so that no area would remain empty. But you can use any type of acrylic paint on polymer clay because it is so safe. You can use acrylic paints before baking or after baking your clay so that it would not become sticky.

students working with clay.

How to make clay at home?

It is very easy to make clay through the recipes mentioned below. You can easily be made at your home and will provide hours of fun to you and your child.

homemade clay.

Are you also ready to make your own clay? And have fun in rolling, making different shapes, and turning into mesmerizing sculptures. Some clay gets dried overnight, while others are baked in an oven. Hard sculptures can be decorated and preserved with acrylic paint and also make it look more attractive.

Homemade clay recipe.


Materials required:

  • 2 cups salt
  • 2/3 cups water
  • Saucepan
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup cold water( not icy water)
How to start.
  1. Stir salt and water in a saucepan over heat 4-5 minutes and mix it well.
  2. Now remove it from heat and add cornstarch and cold water immediately.
  3. Stir until it gets smooth; after that return, it back to heat and cook until it gets thick.
  4. Allow your paste to get cool, and make it as a lump of clay.
  5. Now your clay is ready to get into shape as required.
  6. After drying, decorate your clay with paint, markers, glitter, etc.
  7. If you like the design you made then finish with clear acrylic spray or nail paint.
  8. Store unused clay in a Ziploc bag to get it the same as now.

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