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Hello, budding bloggers! Are you also looking for some of the content writing tips to quicken up your business in the 2020 pandemic! Searching for professional bloggers to make your site more visible to the readers on the internet.

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Trying to put on your hand some of the grammar rules that you might read earlier. Searching some of the competitors that have a well-established site for whatever time? If yes, then we are here to help you out.

In 2020, we all know how to write an essay, paragraphs, a full-fledged speech too but do you know, people who are coming on your sites are just not readers they are actually professional detectives! They are going to sue your site if they don’t like it by switching to another blog post!

Well you might be thinking that its much scary to write a blog/ content on your own! Right?

Well, this is not true. Well, let’s dive into the most important rules, tips, and techniques that you should keep in mind while writing a blog!

Who are content writers?

Content writers are those people who write professional blog posts, journals, and other web material. They are actually the internet savers who write attractive blogs, titles, e-magazines, content, etc.

Content writing tips for beginners| Step-by-step guide

  1. Write for detectives, not visitors.
  2. Write an attractive title.
  3. Try to write important points first.
  4. Prefer writing in the active voice( first person).
  5. Write short paragraphs always.
  6. Write for your readers not for you.
  7. Use words that are on people’s tongues.
  8. Describe your topic/ questions wisely.
  9. Edit your copy harshly.
  10. Use grammar apps- Grammarly and spell-check.
  11. Upgrade your content frequently.
  12. Insert relevant images.
  13. Make visitors easily find you.

Here are some of the best points that you should implement by your own.

1. Write for detectives, not visitors.

Now you might be thinking that what is this! Detectors? Many of you may be expecting that every visitor/ reader would be reading the full article/ post. To your surprise, this doesn’t happen not even a single person is going to read your full-fledged article.

The web people are the biggest detector. They detect only the main and highlighted points. I know you all might be thinking what’s this! But yes, they only focus on the F- shaped pattern of the article i.e. headline, sub-headings, highlighted/bold words, lists and images.

2. Write an attractive title.

The title plays the most important role in making a person open your article. It should be given the utmost importance. the besets way to make it attractive is to read out the blogs with the same topic.

For instance, If you want to write an article regarding some food items to boost your immunity. Then your titles can be written in many ways like:

– Eat these 5 food items to boost your immunity

COVID-19 immunity booster diet.

– Coronavirus Outbreak: 5 Foods Items To Boost Your Immunity.

– Immunity boosting diet for COVID.

screenshot of titles- search by your own!

You must have seen these titles while searching for your topic. But what about the topics which can catch somebody’s eyeball! How about this:

 >5 Points You Can’t-Miss in this Pandemic for your Immunity.

>COVID-19 Immunity diet: 5 Points You Shouldn’t Ignore.

3. Write important points first.

You all might be thinking that writing web content is just similar to writing an essay in your school.

But to your surprise, they are not at all similar. Essays come in paragraphs, not written under headings and subheadings, etc. Yeah, I know this is not the full answer so for that read the below table:

4. Always write in active voice (First person)

Many people use to write in the second person’s voice which search engine like google, yahoo are not able to predict and showcase to your prospective readers.

Consider asking yourself in the third person? Many big companies used to pitch their prospective clients in the third person! Well please answer this question: If you can pitch your clients by yourself only, then why would you require another person for the same work?

For making your content up to the mark then it is too much mandatory to Update Your Communication Skills!

5. Write short paragraphs

Now the main question in your mind may appear that it’s the digital content then what’s the need to write short paragraphs!

But consider reading those long paragraphs in your textbooks…sleepy…Right? The same goes for your web content. Readers like to read short paragraphs, small sentences.

Rather using long paragraphs, use small sentences, bold and main words, images (infographics), bullet points, etc.

6. Write your content for readers, not for you!

Whenever a reader visits your website, he has two options:

“Read the entire article”. OR “To click the back button”

Now what you want him to choose. For sure first one. For that, you have to provide him/her with the relevant information.

7. Use words which are in common use.

A reader will never go for the technical that you use! He is just a normal visitor who needs to find a normal solution to his search.

So for that, you need to make your content easy to read and understand.

8. Describe your blog wisely.

Everyone is focusing on the reader’s attention so be as descriptive as you can. It is very important to focus on the questions that you asked your readers in starting. And answering them at the end of your article.

9. keyword research.

keyword means the main topic/ idea on which you are going to write the article. It is very much needed to search out your topic well.

Now the main step comes is to check the trend of the topics in the market. It is very much needed to search out your keyword before writing your article. The best tools to check it out are:

  1. Google keyword planner
  2. Ahrefs (paid tool)
  3. “Answer the public” website
  4. Ubersuggest ( After sometime paid)
  5. SEO Quake (Extension)

10. Use grammar and spell checker.

Another key points to pay your utmost attention to! READ THE BELOW TEXT CAREFULLY!

” It shall have been done. I said you so you might have done all that. Why did you want me to end that all? Aren’t you only done that before”.

So how’s this sentence looking? Of course it’s just worst! Now what about this one?

” It shall have been made. I told you so you might have done all that. Why did you want me to end that all? Aren’t you have only done that before”.

This paragraph makes some sense. correct? While writing you might make mistakes of tenses, particles, conjunction,s, etc. buy by using these tools you can easily make them right! AND that tool is “GRAMMARLY”

11. Update your content frequently.

We always like to be an updated gentlemen! Then what about your content? People forgot to update the recent information in their blogs after writing the article. Edit your copy harshly so that visitors will get the most recent and updated information from your blog.

12. Insert relevant images.

Without colors, photos, art, creatures, nature, etc. our life would become so boring. In the same way, if your blog doesn’t have images /not relevant images then your blog will look boring or you can say not up to the mark.

So it is mandatory to insert images and also at relevant places.

13. Make visitors easily find you.

Now it’s time to make use of the keywords that we discussed earlier! Web people are looking for relevant information so it’s not the time to hide.

If you want to make sure that more people should visit your site, read your posts then it is very much necessary to use easy keywords and use them in following places:

  1. Headline
  2. Sub- headings
  3. Introduction
  4. Throughout your content
  5. SEO title
  6. Meta description

It will make your post SEO FRIENDLY.

How to start content writing for beginners?

For starting content writing 5 points that you need to remember are:

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Select a relevant topic to write
  3. Do research
  4. Extract information.

Below graphic will define you about the points that are mentioned above!

content writing tips

How to start content writing in INDIA? Start content writing from home!

In actual the main question is not what to write, how to write. It is HOW TO START many people across India know what is content writing, its scope, usage, income, everything. And even many companies and organizations are providing these curses to create a boom in the Indian market but still, people are on this problem!

Starting content writing in India is not a big deal but people usually don’t take it much seriously and then lay the blame game which can do nothing at last. And most people blame their parents for not letting them start it. But just think of a situation if you succeed in this, then your parents would be the ones who will support you, showcase you!

So just a small saying for you all:


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