10×8cm Canvas painting advance: Part 2

canvas painting

A very warm welcome to all!! Hope you all have read the previous blog on canvas painting. Because in this we are going to learn how to do canvas painting on 10×8cm canvas? you haven’t read it then you should go and check it out:

Canvas painting for beginners -Part 1.

10×8 canvas painting

So now you all know the basic of canvas painting. Now it’s time to try our hands-on real canvas. Well, Do you all know how to make a 10×8cm canvas painting? If don’t know then don’t worry! Just read and start at your own.

Are you guys ready with your canvas, paints(you can see which type of colours should be used from previous blog), brush and idea. For this time I am taking a canvas of size 10×8cm? You can choose any size on your own.

10×8 canvas painting

How to start canvas painting?

10×8 canvas painting

So now your canvas is ready to paint as it is primed with gesso. But it totally depends on the type of paint colours that you are using. So here is something that we have gathered from many of our articles.

So let’s dive in…..

Oil painting:

10×8 canvas painting

Working with oil painting is scary to think- as for using these paints you should know all about the oil paints. Oil paints are difficult to use on canvas as compared to acrylic paints.

Acrylic paints:

Acrylic paints painting

Acrylic paints can be used directly on canvas as water. They are also easy to use and are availableat ease in market.

How to do it?

10×8 canvas painting

It is very important to know how to do canvas painting. Below are some images on 10×8cm canvas, which will help you in making your own canvas.

You can draw directly with pencil on canvas. Because they are the cotten woven hard surfaces on which tools like pencil,pens and painting colours can easily be used.

Nature painting

So below are some steps that I used to follow while doing my canvas painting:

  1. Prime your canvas with gesso( this is actually very important to do). If you will not prime your canvas with gesso then it would become difficult for you to paint.
  2. It’s better to add a little quantity of water so that a lesser amount of paint could be used.
  3. Decide the quantity, colour and type of paint because at the end you have to apply your tricks to make it attractive as images given.
  4. Here we are making nature painting on 10×8cm canvas. So take your ready canvas and pencil and start outlining the image below.
  5. After making the scene that you wanted, collect brushes of all sizes.
  6. Now it’s time to paint it out, for that you should keep a newspaper or any rough sheet below it so that you can make a clean canvas painting.
  7. Paint all outlines which you have already made from the pencil.
  8. And then paint the inner portion with the paint. Use round brush to give shade to trees.
10×8 canvas painting

So by following these you can easily make your own canvas painting on any number of size.

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